Our Mission

To enhance the quality of diabetes care for ageing people both nationally and internationally through new initiatives in clinical practice, guideline development, audit and collaborative research

To provide a forum for discussion between health professionals and scientists, with in-depth involvement of persons with diabetes, their carers and advocates, in programmes which promote health and well-beings OMG the ageing population with diabetes

To promote throughout the United Kingdom the recommendations of diabetes care in the 2022 National Advisory Panel on Care Home Diabetes (NAPCHD) with the hope of enhancing the quality of care delivered in residential care settings

To examine the relationships between diabetes, ageing, Frailty and sarcopaenia in order to develop effective and sustainable interventional treatment strategies

Our Vision

To establish sustainable academic and educational partnerships

Ensure that all diabetes care strategies incorporate the needs of older people with diabetes 

Encourage multidisciplinary and multidimensional research in older people with diabetes that has early translational value